Kathleen Lolley

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I moved to Kentucky nine months after my birth. I spent my childhood split between the green hills of Kentucky and the magical dark forests of Pennsylvania.

Storytelling plays a prominent role in my work. My earliest artistic inspiration came from family stories, folk tales and a discarded Hieronymus Bosch poster I found in a basement when I was a kid.

My paintings contain visual narratives usually involving imaginary creatures acting out scenes of magic, illumination and transformation.
I use innocence and playfulness to explore complex themes. This self-taught style of painting contrasts the dark, intricate ideas woven into my work.

I derive visual inspiration from nature, poetry, philosophy & music and seek to synthesize these elements in my work. My visual style is an organic mix of surrealism and folk art. A wide variety of mediums are used; including acrylic, oil, paper-mache, gouache, mixed -media and collage. I strive to allow enough ambiguity for the viewer to draw upon their own imagination to create their own interpretation.

I currently reside in The Dark Forest where I spend most of my time making crafts, comics and art. Give me a hollar.